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Want to donate to Art For All - NC?

Art For All - NC relies on generous donors for ongoing support so that we can continue to bring arts education to all, and promote healthy and sustainable communities through collaborative  artistic expression.

You can choose to donate once, or become a monthly sustainer and make continuing contributions. We promise to be worthy stewards of your donation.

Your dependable monthly support helps us sustain:

  • High-quality arts education provided to non-arts communities.

  • Community Art Experiences™ where members can collaborate in making symbolic artwork for their community.

  • Living wages for our artists.

  • A vision for steadily growing a healthy arts community, for all.

You will be able to designate where your funds go:

  • Areas of greatest need - We direct your donation to areas that need support. This could be related to fundraising expenses, public art projects, scholarships, or printing materials.

  • Public Art Projects - This is our primary source of funding public art projects. We rely on these funds to purchase supplies and pay our artists.

  • Teaching Artist Fund - This helps supplement enrollment fees for those who pay less than a suggested donation amount.  Donations in this group helps ensure that we can pay our artists fair living wages, regardless of enrollment donations collected

  • General Fund - this covers general operating expenses like website fees, lease payments, advertising, etc.

Thank you for your support!

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