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Kay Faust

Sewing, crocheting and crafting for more than five decades, I learned at an early age that these skills allowed me to create unique, useful and fun things!  From funky tote bags and baby bibs to holiday bandanas and snuffle balls for pets, I enjoy making things that are colorful and FUNctional. 

I currently work with children in my neighborhood. We sew and paint and create lots of gifts for them to give to their family and friends.  Ava (11 yrs. old) made matching tops for her 4 sisters and a toy car holder for her brother during a few sessions. She inspires me with her imagination and desire to create for others. Emma (9 yrs. old) and I explore watercolor and acrylic painting. She painted trading-card-sized watercolors and gave them to some members of her church.  Making things for others is a way to spread joy.

This is my first public offering of the handmade goods that I have been sharing with my loved ones for years.


About the maker:


I retired from Durham Public Schools in 2016.  Now I have more time with my family and more time in my sewing room making happy things. Sharing ways to create with fabric is a big part of my life. Working with others to help them develop their own creative talents brings me joy.

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