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Laura McCutcherson

Laura McCutcherson

Board Member, Design Committee Member

Laura McCutcheon has been a lifelong learner and creative. She has always had a passion for art and helping the community, so when Laura discovered Art For All - NC, she was thrilled! Laura graduated from Castleton University in Vermont with a Bachelor of Arts - concentration in graphic design and a fine arts minor. She spent 11 years in the US army working as a Network Communication Director and left the military to pursue more creative adventures. Laura has a passion for advocating for those without a platform and has given her time and skills to support several social campaigns that benefit the community.

Laura lives in Willow Springs with her husband and daughter - who also has a passion for art. Laura and her family share their home with two dogs, two cats, a school of fish, and an axolotl! She is thrilled to be part of Art for All - NC and to do great things in the community.

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