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Performance Artists

We have a vibrant mix of performance artists - Schedule to be released soon!

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Luke Vandergriff

Van Der Cielo Entertainment


"I feel that humanity is called to be more than prey and predators. Art is one of the tools that helps pull us out of the survival of the fittest mindset.

Art isn’t just making pretty things, it’s about helping people experience the good, the true, and the beautiful." - Luke

Luke will be performing, selling artwork & offering face painting during the event!!  Check him out!

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Chris Bagley

Geologist, Chris Bagley has had a life-long passion for music. Early in his career, Chris worked as a Music Specialist with the City of Raleigh, and has played in various bands over the years.  You can also find Chris' solo work with Times Transgression on streaming platforms - including his debut album, E.T.A.

Chris will be performing guitar & vocals during our event! Come check him out!!

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Crystal Ramirez

Sound healing via Native American Flutes

Crystal Ramirez discovered her talent for playing the Native American flute during the peak of the pandemic. Her dedication and skill have been recognized through awards, including Best Original Single Flute Tune for her track titled "I Will See You Again". Furthermore, her latest single "Returning Home" has been nominated by One World Music Radio for Best Flute Single.


Beyond accolades, Crystal's true passion lies in using music to connect with others and bring upliftment and a sense of calm to those who listen. She wishes to share her unique gifts and spread the joy of her music, creating a meaningful connection with her audience.

Be sure to check out Crystal's BandCamp site!

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Takiri Folclor Latino

Rhythms of Latin America
a Latino family sharing values


Cuando la pasió por la danza, el folclor, la algría, la amistad y el goce se unen, llegan a la formación de la familia de Takiri Folclor Latino.

We dance rhythms from Latin America, especially from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru, including Cumbia, Bambuco, Mapalé, Merecumbé, Plena among others.

Most of our dances have African, European and Indigenous influences. The African influence in the base rhythm, the European heritage in the words and the costumes and the indigenous heritage in the melody and the dance.

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Chance Seaver

Chance is a nine-year-old non-binary flower maker who loves art and crafts! They also plays piano and loves to make video games!

Check out their youtube page to see what music they've created!

Chance also performed at our last Fundraiser & will be performing with us at this event!!!

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