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Falling | Mary Ann Cangialosi

Falling | Mary Ann Cangialosi

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Media: acrylic on canvas 
Dimensions: 12"w×16"h×1.5"d


Art Description: 
"Falling" is a painting by artist Mary Ann Cangialosi, created earlier in her artistic development. It was the first time the artist utilized glazing medium to add body and texture to the acrylic paint. As you can see, it is painted in an abstract-expressive style. The flower/leaf motifs are not derived from a still life, but rather the artist's imagination. "Falling" has the rich palette that is observed every year before the colorful leaves of Autumn fall to the ground below. Furthermore, this work is somewhat melancholic, as it is reminiscent of the Hudson Valley in NY, where Ms. Cangialosi spent her early childhood.

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