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Garden Watercolor 3 | Jennie Traill Schaeffer

Garden Watercolor 3 | Jennie Traill Schaeffer

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Watercolor, 2019
5.5" x 3.5"

Framed 13.5" x 10.5" (hardwood, cherry stained moulding)
This piece was started to create a 30 day challenge for myself. I'm an avid, but fumbling gardener, and decided that this was a great subject to extend my plein air painting interest, tie in my watercolor discipline, establish some mindfulness through my art and get an opportunity to experience my garden beyond tending it. Over the course of 49 days, I completed 30 watercolors featuring various aspects of my backyard garden. I watched the garden change from it's July glory to its mid-August state of mostly spent flowers and yellowing leaves. Seeing the watercolors now, I can observe a shift from pure observation to invention.

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