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June's Pearls
  • June's Pearls

    Excluding Sales Tax

    June’s Pearls

    Limited Edition Giclée

    #21/25 & #22/25

    12" x 6" image printed on textured 100% rag paper, sized at 14" x 11”. Unmatted


    The original art was a watercolor, 12" x 6" on paper, that is now owned in a private collection. This particular watercolor was painted over paper that was first stained with dye made from boiled purple cabbage in my own kitchen. Blueberries have been a subject matter that I’ve frequently returned to - fascinated by their color, shape, antioxidant properties, and heritage as a native berry. I was particularly astonished by their shifting colors during the ripening stage as they change from green, to blue green to red, to blue. Having lived in NJ and now NC, the blueberry seems significant as they are both important crops to each state.

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