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Tish McDermott

Tie dye is an art, it can be as complex or as simple as you want. It can be a classic spiral that takes us back to our childhood or it can be a honeycomb mandala, it is up to the artist. Tie dye is about color and pattern. The vibrancy of the color is what connects with us, because color has meaning and can express our emotions. There is a freedom that comes with wearing tie dye, a freedom of expression. Think of my booth as an exploration of expression. How do you feel today? Classic like a spiral, complex like a mandala or lost in the psychedelic of a crinkle. So many patterns in my designs, are an expression of my day. I don't set out to make 10 of each design, that is boring, rather, I twist and bind and sling dye to create that one piece, then I move to the next. Sure there are some that are duplicates, but that is not the intent. The intent is to make such a variety that my art speaks to everyone on all different levels. Sometimes I tie dye using only one color, and that shirt speaks to someone.

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