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Mary Ann Cangialosi

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About Mary Ann

I create original paintings and mixed-media - assemblages using a variety of materials. My creative process starts with exploration of materials, composition and color, as I build up layer by layer.  

I currently make two types of art. The first type is stylized portraiture that captures the subject's essence with line, shape, texture and saturated fields of color. The second type is expressive, intuitive, and tactile in nature. These pieces are composed of contextual imagery and physical objects to construct layers of meaning. 

My inspiration to continually create is driven by a fascination with layers. What is so interesting about layers? It's the process of investigating what's beneath the surface. Similarly, the act of layering in my work is about building onto the core to understand its foundation. In my work I explore themes within psychology, music, and social issues. For instance, I might express how we can peel away layers of our personality to discover the self. Or how music is composed of layers of sound, and how the relationship of these layers is what makes a song so mesmerizing!

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