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Jennie Traill Schaeffer | TraillWorks

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About Jennie

Rooted in subject matter that venerates objects and places, her works ask the viewer to stay a bit longer, look deeper and to slow down. Vibrant paintings in watercolor and oil are layered over textured grounds of tea package image transfers and tea stains. She is informed by a developing meditative practice and exploration of her surrounding environments where she finds herself mostly at home. Chairs have been the constant thread in her work, both in kitchens and currently situated in unlikely landscapes - empty, but inviting.

​She and her husband now call Durham, NC, home, on the cusp of urban, suburban and rural life, along with their two sons, and rescue dog, Cider. 


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Join Jennie for Nature Painting at the Eno!

Come and join Jennie for a few hours of painting live in nature, on the banks of Fews Ford at the Eno River, with your sketchbook. With minimal supplies and plenty of tips and techniques, Jennie will guide you through the process of painting from life. You'll have plenty of time to paint and witness demos, which will help build your confidence when it comes to being in nature. This experience may even change the way you perceive nature forever, or reinforce your love. This will require sturdy shoes and walking some ways from your car to the river, down a hilly trail or steps, with your supplies.

Check out Jennie's Shop!!

All sales from Jennie's Shop helps support our Teaching Artist Fund!!

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